The world of digital commerce continues to evolve at a rapid pace and the year 2014 will be seeing lot of attention paid by eCommerce companies for making their presence felt in the changing digital landscape.

Here are some of the trends that will witness a surge in this year :

User Experience

With the use of smart devices on the rise for online shopping, online businesses will be able to provide their shoppers with a customized user experience. Allowing customers to save favorite products, a smooth checkout process and recommendations based on browsing habits are going to set the bar for customer expectations.

Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

This is one of the hot things for eCommerce in 2014. Mobile Commerce is sweeping the industry and shoppers will expect a seamless mobile shopping experience. Small businesses need to make sure their sites are optimized so that customers can view them on any type of handheld mobile device. Seamless browsing, saving, and shopping across platforms will be crucial for any business that wants to grow in 2014.

Social Media

Social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are expected to make a stronger impact on search engine rankings in the near future for eCommerce companies. Time has come to all eCommerce companies, irrespective of sizes, to embrace digital marketing to get that extra sales.

Other trends include :

  • Responsive Web Design implementation for the sites to offer a seamless customer experience
  • Demand for Customer Support, services and product quality
  • Growth of borderless eCommerce
  • Web Analytics and Big Data convergance
  • Video Marketing for brands and products

We at Nexia Commerce, gives more stress towards creating eCommerce Solutions by considering all of the trends listed so as to make a brand successful in the digital commerce space.