The world of eCommerce continues to evolve at a rapid pace and 2016 will be the the year where one can get to see a lot of new trends that can transform the way people do shopping.

Since every year we see newer trends emerging out of nowhere, it represents a great opportunity for the eCommerce site owners as well as a huge challenge in terms of figuring out to make use of it better to attract and retain more customers. Below are some of the trends that will be closely watched by both customers and store owners alike:

Mobile eCommerce

Gartner predicts that “by 2017, U.S. customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the U.S. to 50% of U.S. digital commerce revenue.” This means that store owners have to build mobile applications that offers great shopping experiences for the customers.

Growing usage of multi channel

Gone are the days where people used to rely on websites to fulfill their buying needs. If the last couple of years have witnessed customers adapting to smartphones for their purchases, this year onward one will witness a growing usage of tablets for purchases. This will also pose a challenge to the store owners to provide a unique experience to the customers irrespective of the device they connect with.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment method is touted as one of the “Next Big Thing” in eCommerce as mobile traffic continues to out-beat traffic from desktops from the previous years. Companies like Apple and Google are readying their strategies around mobile payment methods to ensure that they get the best out of this change in consumer behavior.

Customer Experience

This is another area which is supposed to pick up as we drive through 2016 as shoppers are more worried on the quality levels of after sales customer service provided by the online sites. We expect the site owners to adequately staff the online store the same way they staff their offline stores.

Using content to engage and sell

Every one knows the importance of providing unique content and this year will be no different from the previous ones. A huge demand from customers to know more about the product will drive the need to create content that can be consumed easily in the form of Videos.

As we are all living in a world that is well-informed, anything that does not live up to the expectations of the customers will boomerang to the brands and stores. Since customers are spoilt for choices the comforts in the form of convenience and security play a huge role in retaining them. The future belongs to the retailers who engage them by providing value, thereby earning their trust.