Google Analytics in eCommerce

How to bring bring qualified traffic to the website is the biggest question an eCommerce company should be worrying with these days. Understanding what customers do when they land to the site is the crucial step that leads to to quick conversions.

This is where a good analytics tool will be of great help to understand the site behaviour metrics clearly. In the market there are lot of analytics tool that are paid and free. If you are looking at a free but an effective tool, the answer can be found in Google Analytics.

So what exactly is Google Analytics?

In simple terms, it is a web-based platform which allows you to collect data about the visitors to your website. Google Analytics can be a great tool for monitoring and tracking the efficiency of your campaigns and get the right results in your marketing efforts. Using the insights, one can make meaningful marketing and website changes to tailor to the shoppers needs.

Benefits for Business :

From a business standpoint, one can gain clear insight to the website traffic. This data can be useful when doing content marketing. It will help the company find out the habits of the target audience, and develop a strategy for website optimization.

Google Analytics is split into four key areas; Audience (who is visiting your site), Acquisition (how they are getting to your site), Behaviour (what they are doing on your site) and Conversions (have they completed what you wanted them to), each of which is useful for difference purposes.

Some advantages of using Google Analytics in the business includes :

  • Target Online Customers effectively
  • Measuring the marketing campaign
  • Evaluation of traffic / visitor flow to the site
  • Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most
  • Website Usability Improvement
  • Identifying the target audience
With eCommerce business being data driven, one can make so much of the numbers if they work out what individual items mean and what actions will be most beneficial to the business. By knowing where the money comes from, businesses can decide where best to invest and grow the strategically.